Hello, I'm Kunal :)

Thoughs and ideas

I'm a software developer from Amsterdam. I make open-source projects and work at Spotify 🎸


Latest Posts


  • SitAby A IoT based posture proctor. Patent: 3648/DEL/2015. Infymakers Award winner India.
  • Terribly Tiny Tales Social Network A full-fleged social network for writers.
  • Disguised Encrypter AES256 files encrypter for android, disguised as a calculator.
  • Culture Inshorts is a series of short articles reader app
  • India Design ID 2019 Country’s best luxury design week, event application.
  • Tic Toe Not a usual Tic Tac Toe game.
  • open-source projects

  • secure-env NPM that encrypts and protects your process.env
  • just A lazy wrapper for npm/yarn/pnpm
  • mt940-viewer A mt940-viewer formatted transactions viewer
  • react-s3-image-gallery A react gallery component with support for uploading images to S3
  • relevant-bookmarks A Chromium extension that lists relevant bookmarks specific to the current URL
  • Shaai.js A pluggable blogging framework
  • Play This A PWA that lets you create a club and let people control your playlist.
  • Lanuks A customized linux distro for the PWAs of tomorrow (WIP)